Learn more about your prosthesis.

Depending on the reason for the loss of your eye, results may vary. You can see some examples of typical results here. Please discuss your anticipated result with the ocularist. 

Artificial eyes today are made of medical-grade acrylic. Never place the eye in alcohol or alcohol related products. If you feel that your prosthesis needs to be cleaned, use warm water and mild soap such as baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and wipe with a soft cloth. You may soak the prosthesis in contact lens solutions to remove any protein build up.

Movement varies with each individual. Please consult the ocularist for what can be expected.

Healing time varies with each patient. The average healing time is about 6 to 8 weeks postoperatively. 

Most artificial eyes will last 5 to 7 years. Over the course of time, the plastic will break down. Normal changes in socket structure can occur necessitating a new fit.

Your ocularist will provide a suction cup. By squeezing the suction cup, placing the cup on the prosthetic eye iris, and gently pushing inward you will create suction. Gently pull down on your lower lid, tilt upward with the cup, and pull forward to remove the prosthesis. Click here to learn more. 

Place the suction cup on the iris of the artificial eye and then lift the upper lid. Insert the top of the prosthesis into the upper lid. While holding it in place, pull the lower lid down and with an upward-inward push, make sure the bottom of the eye is in the lower lid. Let go of the lower lid and release the suction cup by squeezing. The ocularist will teach insertion and removal at the time of your visit.

Every 6 months you should have the prosthesis clean and polished to remove any protein build-up that has accumulated on the surface of the eye. At that time, proper fit and cosmetic result will be evaluated.

No. There will be some irritation caused by the fitting technique. This will create some mucous discharge for two to three days. 

Most insurance plans have a benefit for ocular prosthetics. Please consult your carrier for that benefit. Should you need help in this matter, we will be glad to check for you. However, we are not responsible for the final processing and payment of your claim.