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We want you to feel confident and comfortable with the entire process. We do everything we can to make the process as streamlined and seamless as possible. Most of our patients spread their visit out over 2 days, but we can fit it all into one day for patients traveling out of town.

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An accurate impression of the socket is taken using a soft alginate material similar to that used by dentists in making dental molds. The impression fitting gives not only optimum comfort and appearance, but assures the best possible motility of the plastic eye. In some cases, an impression is not necessary. We will do an emperical fit without impression. 

2 hour fitting

our five step process

Patient break

During this time, the laboratory process of making a plastic replica of your mold is taking place. Many of our patients go home for the day, or you can take a 1.5 hour break before returning to our office. 



Upon return of the patient, a detailed painting of the prothesis will take place. The painting process requires patients to sit comfortably for one hour while the ocularist matches the tones and veining of the companion eye. 


During this final 1.5 hour break, the eye will be covered entirely with a thin layer of clear plastic. This plastic smoothly seals in the veins and gives the appearance of the corneal dome found on a human eye. After the plastic is cured, the eye is polished to a smooth luster. 


patient break

At this point we will show you how to insert and remove your eye and give you all the training necessary to care for your eye. You will leave our office with your brand new eye at this time.  


Insert eye and training

Further Instruction

You may experience some irritation of the socket with your new eye due to the constant insertion and removal during the fitting process. Within a short time, the tissue should settle and tear production will return to normal. Some patients may not produce enough tears to lubricate the plastic eye, so some type of artificial lubricant may be needed. The ocularist will discuss this at the time of your visit.

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